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About Sharon and Mad About Plaid Wreaths

I am a worrier by nature, so you can just imagine how anxious I was when the pandemic started. One day I came up with this crazy idea that hurling myself into a world of Deco Mesh and flowers would make me feel better. And to my surprise… it did. Creating something with my hands forced me to put space between all those negative thoughts and emotions I was feeling and transform them into something beautiful.

So, I started making wreaths for every holiday and for everyone I knew. I made so many that my husband told me I either needed to open an online store or we needed to move to a bigger house with more doors. I opened the shop, it was a lot cheaper!

Selling online lead to me doing local craft and vendor shows and finally now after so many people asking... teaching classes. I absolutely love being able to combine my love of hosting parties and teaching something I am passionate about. I truly believe that everyone has a creative side... sometimes it just takes a patient fun teacher and a little bit of wine (or a mimosa) to help let it out!

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